Featured Video: Green Valley Pecan Training and Communications Case Study

Alchemy Systems

Case study in workforce training and knowledge retention (3:31)

Best Practices For Avoiding Allergen Recalls

SafetyChain Software

Food Safety Magazine partnered with SafetyChain and the Allergen Control Group in this informative webinar about why allergen-related recalls continue to grow at a record pace, what protocols companies should consider adopting to reduce the risk of allergen-related recalls, and more. (72:33)

Truth in ATP Testing


Neogen explains the abbreviated results of an independent laboratory study comparing the top ATP testing systems for accuracy and consistency. (2:22)

3M Clean-Trace Chapter 1: Technology Development


A 3M senior research and development engineer discusses his approach to using customer input in the electro-optics design for the 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System. (5:30)

The Practical Benefits of the ACQUITY QDa Detector

Waters Corporation

In this video, Waters Corporation shows how the ACQUITY QDa Detector provides easy access to mass data for non-MS experts. (11:50)

Neogen's BioLumix System - Simplified, Rapid and Automated Microbiology


In this video, Neogen Corporation provides a brief overview of their BioLumix system. (1:01)

AgraStrip Allergens Explainer Video

Romer Labs Inc.

This video by Romer Labs explains how to ensure your food products are truly allergen-free—even in a production facility where allergenic ingredients are used. (1:31)

Mycotoxin Testing and Survey Results

Romer Labs Inc.

This video is a recording of a joint webinar on mycotoxin testing organized by Romer Labs and BIOMIN in February 2017. (56:32)

Food Safety & Quality Operations: Tools For Success

SafetyChain Software

This webinar explains how SafetyChain customers are utilizing technology throughout the supply chain to more effectively control costs, minimize waste, ensure program compliance, and more. (61:01)

Reveal Q+ MAX for Ochratoxin training using the AccuScan Pro reader


This training video guides you through the steps to successfully conduct a test using Neogen’s Reveal Q+ MAX for Ochratoxin and the AccuScan Pro reader. (9:35)

Selecting Users, Plans, and Locations


Selecting User, Plans, and Locations on your Hygiena EnSURE or SystemSURE Plus luminometer is only a few clicks away! Watch this demo to become an expert. (2:43)

Food Safety/HACCP Using Environmental Monitoring

Autoscribe Informatics

This video provides a brief overview of the Matrix Gemini Environmental Monitoring solution. It allows Food and Beverage Companies to comply with the with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (CGMPs), driving HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) monitoring programs which will help them meet these strict environmental monitoring requirements. (4:13)

A Comparison of ATP Sanitation Verification Systems


A report showing the results of an independent laboratory study comparing the top ATP testing systems for accuracy and consistency. (6:29)

AccuPoint® Advanced – A New Level of Clean


Neogen's AccuPoint® Advanced system provides confidence in clean through advanced ATP-based cleaning verification. (2:40)

Certified Food Safety Training for the Sanitary Transportation of Food for Carriers & Shippers

Iron Apple

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) worked closely with Iron Apple International (formerly Kasar International), a food safety compliance company, for three years to develop a Trucking Food Safety Program to simplify compliance with these new Canadian and United States Food Safety regulations. These regulations are under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA). In the US, the rules that will directly impact carriers is the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STHAF) or the Sanitary Transport Rule (STF). We have the solution that meets each of the key requirements.

CTA recommends this solution, which is endorsed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, to all companies trucking food between provinces or across US borders.

Program Features:

  • Remote Access is Quick and Easy
  • Automatic Change Log
  • Task Scheduling
  • Regulations On Line
  • Regulations Kept Current
  • USA and Canadian compliance
  • Remote Document Access by Auditors
  • Easy Accommodation of Employee Changes
  • Temperature Data Updates
  • Tracks Corrective Actions and Verification activities
  • Flexible Format
  • Faster Issuance of Compliance Certificate
  • Compliance Dashboard

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