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RAPID’Salmonella medium is a sensitive chromogenic agar used for the detection and enumeration of Salmonella spp. in products that are intended for human and animal consumption. The medium is validated by AOAC, AFNOR and NordVal.

The high specificity and high selectivity of RAPID’Salmonella medium are due to the combination of enzymatic activities and the inhibition of contaminating food flora. The principle of the RAPID’Salmonella medium relies on the demonstration of two enzymatic activities. Salmonella spp. take the form of readily identified typical magenta colonies (due to the detection of C8 esterase) in 24 hr. Counter selection (β-D glucosidase) is used in RAPID’Salmonella medium to reveal other bacteria with a different color.  RAPID’Salmonella medium can detect motile and non-motile Salmonella, as well as lactose-positive Salmonella, including S. Typhi and S. Paratyphi.

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