Z-1000 from XENON


The Z-1000 is a benchtop system for R&D or production batch processing. It includes a controller and separate sanitization chamber containing a 16" lamp housing and lamp. The controller provides all power to the lamp housing as well as complete operator control of the sanitization process using front-panel controls. Safety interlocks are provided to protect the user from exposure from the pulsed UV lamp when the chamber door is open.

The Z-1000 sanitization chamber, with removable lamp housing, is detached from the controller. Ozone is evacuated to ensure EPA ozone level compliance in the workplace. Forced air evacuation is in the range of 1-4 volumes per minute to ensure no heat buildup within the chamber during sanitization. The chamber does not evacuate airborne pathogens nor introduce airborne pathogens into the chamber while the system is in the ON cycle. The chamber has an interlocking door for lockout during the sanitization ON cycle. The door interlock switch is connected with the safety interlock switches in the controller. The chamber and insert are made of stainless steel construction for ease of sanitization and disinfection.

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