ICS-5000 Ion Chromatography System from Thermo Scientific


The ICS-5000 Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) system with Eluent Generation is the world’s first capillary IC system. Developed with flexibility, modularity, and ease-of-use in mind, the ICS-5000 combines the highest sensitivity with convenience.

With the ability to analyze samples at capillary, microbore, or standard flow rates (or any combination of two, in a dual system), the system is simply Always Ready. The wide variety of ICS-5000 modules allows you to configure an ion chromatography system designed specifically to provide the solutions you need.

ICS-5000 Features

  • ICS-5000 SP and DP pumps for highest performance separations
  • ICS-5000 EG Eluent Generator for the benefits of Reagent-Free IC
  • ICS-5000 DC Detector/Chromatography  module, a high performance environmental chamber
  • IC Cube cartridges contain all capillary-based consumables in one convenient location
  • ICS-5000 TC Thermal Compartment for precise temperature control from 5 to 85 ºC
  • Wide range of detectors
    • ICS-5000 Conductivity Detector, now in capillary and analytical formats
    • ICS-5000 Electrochemical Detectors for high-sensitivity determination of difficult analytes
    • ICS-Series VWD and Photodiode Array detectors for optical absorbance detection
    • Mass spectrometric detection for selective analysis 
  • Highly versatile, modular design

Instrument Configurations

  • Basic IC configurations for routine, dedicated analysis in capillary, microbore, or standard bore formats
  • Dual-RFIC system configurations for high-throughput and complex applications including IC x IC (2D IC) with hybrid capillary/analytical system
  • Autosamplers to handle automation needs from simple injections to complex sample preparation

Significant performance enhancements make the ICS-5000 the most sensitive, stable, and easy to use ion chromatography system available today. Dramatic improvements in flow rate accuracy, eluent generator electronics stability, and conductivity cell temperature control increase baseline stability and enhance sensitivity.

Innovative Capillary IC

With the introduction of the ICS-5000, Thermo Scientific introduces capillary IC to the world. With this introduction we have taken sensitivity and ease-of-use to a whole new level, simplifying ion chromatography while simultaneously increasing the power and reproducibility of ion analysis. Capillary RFIC systems re-define the way ion chromatography is performed.

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