Featured Video: Ascentis Express 5 μm HPLC Columns


Supelco's Ascentis Express columns packed with 5 μm Fused-Core® particle technology offer the benefits of faster and more efficient separations compared to columns based on 3 μm and 5 μm totally porous particles, without any backpressure concerns. These columns are also extremely rugged, making them an ideal choice for bioanalytical LC-MS methods since they excel under the demands of high flow rate and high throughput. (3:36)

Thermo New Triple Quad GC-MS System Triples SRM Transition Rates

Thermo Scientific

Laboratories analyzing food, the environment, and biological samples for compounds like dioxins, PCBs, pesticides, steroids and other challenging analytes now have access to a new generation of GC-MS/MS. The Thermo Scientific TSQ 8000 Evo triple quadrupole gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) system improves on the features of its predecessor, the TSQ 8000, with the new EvoCell technology, demonstrated in company-run experiments to triple selected reaction monitoring (SRM) transition rates without compromising sensitivity. Contributing to this productivity is the included Timed-SRM software for optimizing selected reaction monitoring schedules. Company-run experiments also showed that the EvoCell can enable triple the sensitivity at the same scan speed - allowing users to screen and quanitate more than 1,000 compounds in a single run at low limits of detection. (1:16)

Food safety experts all over the U.S. trust Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer

Best Sanitizers, Inc.

Food processing professionals require the maximum effectiveness available from an RTU surface sanitizer... they need one that delivers consistent, measurable results... one that is highly evaporative and ideal for water-sensitive equipment and low-moisture environments... and one that has earned the trust of food safety professionals throughout the industry. That surface sanitizer is Alpet D2 from Best Sanitizers. Alpet D2 is a superior surface sanitizer... but don't take our word for it. Instead, watch this side-by-side comparison and see how your current sanitizer stacks up. (3:23)

EtQ Food Safety and HACCP Solution


Learn more about how EtQ Reliance is able to automate HACCP plans and foster Food Safety Management. Add Risk to your HACCP Processes and automate food safety, from farm to fork. (2:06)

Allergen Awareness 2014

Alchemy Systems

It is important to understand why attention to food allergies is important and why simple cross contamination can be harmful. (2:01)

Proper Hand Washing Techniques

Alchemy Systems

Proper hand washing helps to prevent the spread of infectious disease. (1:04)

Food Safety Testing Solutions by Qiagen


In a globalized food market with increasing demand for food research and monitoring, there is a need for streamlined testing solutions that are sensitive, accurate, and easy to use with a variety of starting materials. Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is gaining importance as a complementary tool to established microbial culture-based methods and ELISA-based assays prevalent in the food testing sector. Combined with dedicated sample preparation kits, real-time PCR assays deliver rapid results from a broad spectrum of sample materials and simplify the testing process. (6:08)

Sample6 CONTROL Demo


Learn all about Sample6 CONTROL. Our amazing environmental monitoring software (1:48)

AllerSnap Instructional Demo


AllerSnap is a quick and easy way to accurately verify the cleanliness of surfaces to help ensure product quality by detecting protein residues left behind after cleaning. Simply swab a surface, activate the device to release the reagent, incubate, and if protein residue is present the reagent will turn purple. The color change provides a qualitative and semi-quantitative result of the protein levels on the surface. The more protein present, the quicker the color change to purple and the darker the color. AllerSnap quickly validates the hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary. (2:34)

Supel QuE Z-Sep Sorbents for QuEChERs from Sigma Aldrich


Sigma Aldrich introduces Supel QuE Z-Sep silica based sorbents for QuEChERs. QuEChERs is a solid phase extraction (SPE) technique for sample preparation. New to the Supel QuE product line is Z-Sep purification sorbents for lipids and difficult food matrices. Z Sep and Z Sep+ sorbents extract more fat and pigment than traditional PSA /C18 phases while showing enhanced analyte recovery and greater reproducibility. Z-Sep sorbents are inexpensive, safe and easy to use zirconia-coated silica particles designed for the analysis of hydrophobic analytes in fatty matrices. (5:02)

CIP/Surface Procedures

Elution Technologies

Learn proper procedure for performing CIP/Surface tests using Elution Technologies’ LFD Rapid Test Kit (3:44)

LRQA ACP Video Case Study


ACP is Europe's leading CO2 specialist. The Belgian company were amongst the first in the world to receive FSSC 22000 certification, the complete global certification scheme. (5:20)

Microbiology at the Speed of Light


The Soleris system is a rapid optical system for the detection of microbial contamination based on an innovative application of classic microbiology familiar to microbiologists. The optical assay measures microbial growth by monitoring pH and other biochemical reactions that generate a color change as microorganisms in the broth grow and metabolize. The results are displayed by color-coded monitoring with an alert on samples out of specification. (2:02)

LFD Rapid Kit Procedure

Elution Technologies

Learn proper procedure for using Elution Technologies’ LFD Rapid Test Kit (4:04)

InSite Instructional Demo


InSite is a rapid colorimetric, self-contained test for the detection of Listeria species. If Listeria is present, InSite media turns brown or black within 48 hours. Presumptive positive results can be read in 24 hours. The only equipment you need is an incubator. (3:02)

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