Featured Video: HACCP SmartStep Footwear Sanitizing System

Best Sanitizers, Inc.

The HACCP SmartStep™ Footwear Sanitizing System adds an additional layer of pathogen protection for food processing facilities, nutraceutical plants, pharmaceutical plants, clinical research labs and clean rooms by reducing cross-contamination from footwear before employees enter the production area or other critical control zones. (2:43)

Why Bertrand Rochat uses the Q Exactive Focus MS

Thermo Scientific

Bertrand Rochat, CHUV University Hospital (Lausanne, Switzerland) describes how the Q Exactive Focus MS fulfills the technical and financial demands of clinical research laboratories for routine and research analysis in a single technology. (3:19)

Why the RIKILT Institute uses a Q Exactive Focus MS

Thermo Scientific

Hans Mol, RIKILT Institute of Food Safety, describes how full scan sensitivity of the Q Exactive Focus MS enables him to do comprehensive analysis of his samples, making it possible to look for multiple types of compounds at the same time. (4:00)

AutoMate-Q40 Automated QuEChERS Sample Prep

Teledyne Tekmar

Introduction to Teledyne Tekmar's AutoMate-Q40 Automated QuEChERS Sample Prep System for SVOC analysis (1:51)

ACQUITY UPLC: 10 years and Counting

Waters Corporation

A ten-year anniversary video of the ACQUITY UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) System, a technology that created a new industry standard for chromatographic performance. (2:17)

AllerFlow Gluten Surface Residue Test


AllerFlow Gluten is a rapid and convenient test for detection of gluten residue on surfaces as part of an allergen control program. Combining Hygiena's convenient sample collection swab design and classic lateral flow technology, AllerFlow Gluten makes gluten testing easier than ever before. (4:20)

Xevo G2-XS QTof Mass Spectrometer: Extraordinary Possibilities for Your Everyday Analysis

Waters Corporation

With quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry featuring QuanTof technology, the Xevo G2-XS QTof MS delivers the highest quality, most comprehensive qualitative information together with the ultimate in quantitative performance. (1:13)

Xevo TQ-S micro - Redefining Compact Performance

Waters Corporation

A robust and sensitive tandem quadrupole MS with compact design, featuring unparalleled performance with a wide dynamic range and high rates of data acquisition. (2:15)

Waters Vials

Waters Corporation



Waters Corporation


Thermo Vanquish: New Ultra-High Performance LC

Thermo Scientific

President of Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography, Dan Shine, introduces the Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC system. The Vanquish system improves specs on all fronts, supporting higher backpressures, better thermostatting, optimized volumes, improved linearity and more sensitivity. The Vanquish system all improves analysis speed, as well as increases sample capacity. The system runs on Chromeleon CDS. (1:46)

Brite Belt S1600 Scrubber

Brite Belt

The Brite Belt cleaning and sanitizing system is the simple, effective way to maintain exceptional quality assurance. The Brite Belt scrubber tank is filled with the proper cleaning or sanitizing solution. The solution then flows on to the Brite Belt scrub pad. With the tank secured to the belt frame and the the belt in motion, the Brite Belt system provides both chemical and mechanical cleaning action that reduces man hours and exposure to chemical agents. (1:12)

Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents: Quality

Waters Corporation

Waters’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility in Golden, Colorado precisely designs and produces standards and reagents for the calibration, control, qualification and assessment of analytical or preparative LC, SFC and LC-MS systems. (6:28)

HACCP Training for Food Handlers

Alchemy Systems

Understand why HACCP is important to food safety training. (1:36)

Roka Bioscience Atlas System

Roka Bioscience Inc.

The Atlas System is a fully automated molecular instrument that enhances the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of food safety testing through detection of molecular pathogens, including Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, and other organisms commonly implicated in food contamination episodes. The system is easy to use and incorporates many innovative features that minimize the complexity of testing processes. Make sure your testing platform is working for you. (6:40)

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Hygiena Expands Distribution Operations in Latin America

Hygiena, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company that specializes in rapid food safety and environmental sanitation testing, today announced that it has acquired Pruebas Microbiologicas Rapidas (PMR), a Mexico City-based distributor that has long served as an independent partner of Hygiena serving Mexico.


Neogen develops fastest Listeria test with no enrichment

Neogen Corporation has developed an innovative test that detects Listeria in environmental samples in under 60 minutes — without the need to enrich samples.


Eurofins Expands Testing Capabilities with Two Japan Acquisitions

Eurofins Scientific has acquired Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co. Ltd. (JACC), as well as Ecopro Research K.K. (Ecopro). JACC is one of the largest independent agroscience testing laboratories in Japan and Ecopro is a food testing laboratory in Japan.


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