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Sterilex is excited to announce the launch of Indicon Gel, a rapid biological hygiene indicator specifically designed to detect the presence of biofilm on a surface. In a ready-to-use spray bottle, Indicon Gel provides a cost-effective, rapid, visual indication of the presence of biofilm on a wide variety of surfaces which may contain harmful microorganisms such as Listeria, Escherichia coli (E.coli) or Salmonella. When the product encounters biofilm, Indicon Gel rapidly produces white micro-bubbles/foam within 2 minutes, providing a quick visual indicator of potential harborage niches.*

The product’s key features include:

  • Rapidly detects the presence of invisible biofilm harborage niches
  • Provides a cost-effective, quick visual indication of the presence of biofilm on a surface which may contain microorganisms such as Listeria, Escherichia coli (E.coli) or Salmonella
  • Easy, ready to use spray gel, no mixing needed
  • Allows for detection on large surface areas
  • Reaches niches a swab cannot
  • Micro-bubble reaction is readily visible on a variety of surfaces
  • Perfect for “seek and destroy” missions

The product is sold in cases of 16 oz. ready-to-use spray bottles. Contact Sterilex today to place your orders or to obtain a list of distributors.

* The lack of a positive reaction from Indicon Gel does not guarantee that the surface is free from microorganisms. Indicon Gel is not meant to take the place of routine microbial monitoring or organism specific diagnostic tests.

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