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SafetyChain Software’s food safety and quality management solutions help companies throughout the food supply chain reduce risk, control costs and ensure compliance. Companies throughout the food supply chain (growers, manufacturers, distributors, retail) rely on SafetyChain solutions to provide the program visibility, data intelligence, and tools needed to more effectively ensure program compliance; identify and manage issues earlier; be ready 24/7 for inspections/inquiries/audits; plus improve performance across their operations.

SafetyChain’s Suite of FSQA Solutions include:

  • Supplier Compliance – partner portals automate on boarding, maintenance, and performance monitoring
  • Food Safety & Quality Management – ensure all requirements are being executed upon and real-time alerts of non-conformances
  • CIP Optimization – ensure all washes FDA compliant, minimize utility and chemical usage
  • Material Loss – automate data capture for receiving, loadout, and filling – to better analyze and reduce loss 

Find out how SafetyChain can help your company achieve operational efficiencies that deliver hard-dollar ROI.  Contact us today for product information, customized demo, ROI calculation, and more!

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How Prevention-Based Safety Chain Management Technology Increases Compliance Efficiencies

Withdrawals, rejections and recalls cost the food industry $7 billion dollars annually – and the majority of these costs aren’t just from “worst case” recall scenarios where people fall ill and lawsuits occur. A large portion of this cost is created by internal re-working, commodity loss, inventory replacement, removing goods from shelves, lost sales and public relations/customer confidence repair.

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