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An Assessment of Bacterial Load in Raw Milk using GreenLight® Technology

The GreenLight® system was designed for applications across the food industry with further uses in environmental measurements. The core technology is a novel oxygen-depletion sensor that can detect very small changes in oxygen content making the system ideal for use in enumerating aerobic microbes. Here we describe a small comparative study conducted by Luxcel Biosciences, assessing correlation between the GreenLight system and standard plate count (SPC) for local raw milk. GreenLight demonstrated strong correlation to SPC with improvements in time-to-result, limit of detection and preparation costs over SPC. GreenLight has been AOAC and Microval certified for raw meats and poultry and further certifications in dairy products is ongoing.

GreenLight Model 930 is designed to address the increasing demand for faster, simpler methods of determining bacterial load in food samples. The industry standard for TVC determination (ISO 4833:2003), also known as Standard Plate Count (SPC), is widely used but presents users with some very significant drawbacks. The method is both material and labor intensive, requiring ...


Development and Testing of a Rapid Protocol for Environmental Swabs Using an Oxygen-Depletion Technology

Alan Traylor and Alex Liu, MOCON Inc., Minneapolis, MN USA and Alison Larsson Ph.D., MarketFresh Food Testing Laboratory, Minneapolis, MN USA


In food process facilities, it is common practice for equipment and surfaces to be tested for cleanliness by swabbing. Usually, the recovered microbial load from a swab is submitted for evaluation of the Aerobic Plate Count (APC), also known as Total Viable Count (TVC). The reference methods for enumerating APC (TVC) include the BAM method and ISO 4833:2003. Both of these methods require preparation, dilution and plating on agar, resulting in a high degree of manual labor and long periods of incubation up to 72 hours.

A new technology has been introduced that can reduce testing time and expense for very low bacterial loads on swabs, hence highlighting areas of concern for QC staff and hygienist ...


GreenLight™ 960: Same-Day Analysis of Aerobic Plate Counts (APCs,TVCs) in Raw Meat Samples

Luxcel Biosciences Ltd., Cork, Ireland


An increasing appreciation for the importance of food and microbiological safety has resulted in a demand for a more rapid, high-throughput method for total viable count (TVC) quantification to deal with the increasing numbers of samples that require testing. The industry standard for TVC determination (ISO.4833.2003), also known as aerobic plate count, is widely used but presents users with some very significant drawbacks. The method is both materials and labour intensive, requiring the preparation and analysis of multiple agar plates per sample. More importantly, the method is slow, with 48-72 hours typically required for a definitive result [1-3].

Luxcel Biosciences has addressed these limitations with the development of the GreenLight™ 960 ; a microtitre-plate based assay which provides a rapid high-throughput method for the assessment of aerobic bacterial load through analysis of microbial oxygen consumption [4,5]. When applied to the determination of Total Aerobic Viable Counts in raw meat (Beef samples) results are generated in 1-12 hours depending on microbial load.

The straight forward ‘mix & measure’ pr ...


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Rapid Microbial Detection with GreenLight System

How the automated GreenLight System detects bacterial load (2:13)

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