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The Practical Benefits of the ACQUITY QDa Detector

In this video, Waters Corporation shows how the ACQUITY QDa Detector provides easy access to mass data for non-MS experts. (11:50)

ACQUITY Arc System for HPLC and UHPLC

True plug-and-play method compatibility for HPLC and UHPLC separations. (1:07)

UNIFI Scientific Information System: Advantages of a Network

Waters explains UNIFI for the Network. When deployed as a network, UNIFI’s impact extends beyond the workstation, delivering significant value in the laboratory and throughout the organization. (3:32)

Progenesis QI Software: Next generation LC-MS data analysis

Waters explains Progenesis QI Software. Progenesis QI is the next generation LC-MS data analysis software that enables you to quantify and then identify the small molecules, lipids, and proteins that are significantly changing in your samples. (3:05)

Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography for Food & Environmental Analysis

Learn how APGC can provide access to ultra-trace quantification, comprehensive qualitative MS and MS/MS, and high resolution, ion-mobility separations of challenging pesticides. (2:32)

Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography for Food & Environmental Analysis

SYNAPT G2-Si High Definition MS System uses the extra dimension of ion mobility separations to maximize selectivity and confidence in results. By combining StepWave plus QuanTof and Triwave technologies, it provides a step change in MS performance. (2:32)

Waters ACQUITY UPLC I-Class Overview

Waters ACQUITY UPLC I-Class: The most powerful binary UPLC system, with the best dispersion, on the market (1:13)

Waters - Alliance HPLC System Overview Waters Corporation

Waters Alliance HPLC System-A time-tested, flexible, and reliable workhorse for your HPLC separations (1:06)

Waters ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Overview

True UPLC performance with the highest resolution quaternary LC system. Improve characterization of complex samples, streamline your method development workflow, and future-proof your lab with the ability to support HPLC, UHPLC, and UPLC methods. (1:24)

ACQUITY QDa Detector - Add Mass Detection

With great detection power comes great possibilities. Learn how the ACQUITY QDa mass detector obtains more information from every sample for Chromatographers. Isn't it time for your lab to Press On? (1:48)

Waters Power of Two: Manage Your Empower Data with NuGenesis Lab Management System

Waters explains the Power of Two: Empower 3 and NuGenesis Lab Management System (LMS). Using the NuGenesis Lab Management System laboratories are able to automatically archive and search information from their Empower Chromatography Data Software. (3:19)

Waters REIMS Research System with iKnife for Direct Sampling

In the Waters REIMS Research System, the unique iKnife hand-held sampling device produces an information-rich vapor that is directly taken into the mass spectrometer for analysis. (3:13)

UNIFI and Green Tea Extract

This video describes an application note on how to identify the chemical ingredients of green tea using the Natural Products Application Solution with UNIFI. (2:17)

Ostro Pass-through Sample Preparation

Ostro Pass-through Sample Preparation Products provide a novel solution for phospholipid and protein removal. Using a simple pass-through protocol and requiring minimal or no method development, this sample cleanup technology can be quickly implemented in order to optimize your laboratory's workflow. (1:39)

Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software: A Whole New Era of Power

Empower 3, the most powerful Chromatography Data Software, is also the easiest to use. With over 30 improvements, it is more flexible, automated, and user-friendly. Improvements resulting in a solution well-suited for every lab-driven business. (4:41)

ACQUITY UPLC: 10 years and Counting

A ten-year anniversary video of the ACQUITY UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) System, a technology that created a new industry standard for chromatographic performance. (2:17)

Xevo G2-XS QTof Mass Spectrometer: Extraordinary Possibilities for Your Everyday Analysis

With quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry featuring QuanTof technology, the Xevo G2-XS QTof MS delivers the highest quality, most comprehensive qualitative information together with the ultimate in quantitative performance. (1:13)

Xevo TQ-S micro - Redefining Compact Performance

A robust and sensitive tandem quadrupole MS with compact design, featuring unparalleled performance with a wide dynamic range and high rates of data acquisition. (2:15)

Waters Vials




Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents: Quality

Waters’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility in Golden, Colorado precisely designs and produces standards and reagents for the calibration, control, qualification and assessment of analytical or preparative LC, SFC and LC-MS systems. (6:28)

A New Category of Separations Science: Convergence Chromatography

Introducing convergence chromatography; a new category of separation science that provides an exceptional increase in selectivity for your chromatographic laboratory. (2:21)

UPLC with On-line SPE Technolog


Xevo TQ-S Mass Spectrometer

Learn about the key features of the Xevo TQ-S triple quadrupole (tandem quadrupole) mass spectrometer for quantitative LC/MS/MS. (1:22)

Xevo TQ-S: See the technology that makes a step-change advance in sensitivity

The Xevo TQ-S mass spectrometer features StepWave, which delivers UPLC/MS/MS quantification of compounds at concentrations lower than you ever thought possible by capturing ions more efficiently. It also has a ScanWave collision cell for intelligent ion collection, for quantitative data and spectral MS/MS information. In RADAR acquisition mode, the instrument rapidly alternates between full scan and MRM modes to collect all quantitative information in a single run. (2:45)

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Hygiena Expands Distribution Operations in Latin America

Hygiena, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company that specializes in rapid food safety and environmental sanitation testing, today announced that it has acquired Pruebas Microbiologicas Rapidas (PMR), a Mexico City-based distributor that has long served as an independent partner of Hygiena serving Mexico.


Neogen develops fastest Listeria test with no enrichment

Neogen Corporation has developed an innovative test that detects Listeria in environmental samples in under 60 minutes — without the need to enrich samples.


Eurofins Expands Testing Capabilities with Two Japan Acquisitions

Eurofins Scientific has acquired Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co. Ltd. (JACC), as well as Ecopro Research K.K. (Ecopro). JACC is one of the largest independent agroscience testing laboratories in Japan and Ecopro is a food testing laboratory in Japan.


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EnviroTrak Technical White Paper: EnviroTrak Server Specifications

This white paper provides an in-depth overview of EnviroTrak’s server configurations and recommen ...


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