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Ascentis Express 5 μm HPLC Columns

Supelco's Ascentis Express columns packed with 5 μm Fused-Core® particle technology offer the benefits of faster and more efficient separations compared to columns based on 3 μm and 5 μm totally porous particles, without any backpressure concerns. These columns are also extremely rugged, making them an ideal choice for bioanalytical LC-MS methods since they excel under the demands of high flow rate and high throughput. (3:36)

Supel QuE Z-Sep Sorbents for QuEChERs from Sigma Aldrich

Sigma Aldrich introduces Supel QuE Z-Sep silica based sorbents for QuEChERs. QuEChERs is a solid phase extraction (SPE) technique for sample preparation. New to the Supel QuE product line is Z-Sep purification sorbents for lipids and difficult food matrices. Z Sep and Z Sep+ sorbents extract more fat and pigment than traditional PSA /C18 phases while showing enhanced analyte recovery and greater reproducibility. Z-Sep sorbents are inexpensive, safe and easy to use zirconia-coated silica particles designed for the analysis of hydrophobic analytes in fatty matrices. (5:02)

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Hygiena Expands Distribution Operations in Latin America

Hygiena, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company that specializes in rapid food safety and environmental sanitation testing, today announced that it has acquired Pruebas Microbiologicas Rapidas (PMR), a Mexico City-based distributor that has long served as an independent partner of Hygiena serving Mexico.


Neogen develops fastest Listeria test with no enrichment

Neogen Corporation has developed an innovative test that detects Listeria in environmental samples in under 60 minutes — without the need to enrich samples.


Eurofins Expands Testing Capabilities with Two Japan Acquisitions

Eurofins Scientific has acquired Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co. Ltd. (JACC), as well as Ecopro Research K.K. (Ecopro). JACC is one of the largest independent agroscience testing laboratories in Japan and Ecopro is a food testing laboratory in Japan.


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