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Milk Authenticity- Organic vs. Non-organic


With increasing concerns over contaminants in milk, both intentionally and unintentionally added, a growing number of people are switching to organic milk. This case study shows that it is possible to measure hippuric acid levels in milk by DSA/TOF MS using a reference standard to ascertain relative concentrations.


Use of NIR Spectroscopy and Adulterant Screen for the Detection of Common Milk Adulterants


The value of milk on the open market is linked to its protein content, and standard methods for protein analysis rely on a simple nitrogen assay, with the protein concentration inferred from the nitrogen content. Consequently, the addition of chemicals rich in nitrogen, such as urea, can artificially increase the apparent protein content and thus the price demanded. This application note demonstrates the detection of intentional and accidental adulterants in milk using NIR spectroscopy and Adulterant Screen.


Augmenting Nutritional Testing of Milk Powder with Adulterant Screen


Milk powder is one of the most widely traded food commodities and is used in a huge array of food products, from infant formula to baked goods and confectionary. Unfortunately, dairy products are also a frequent target of food fraud. This application note explores how NIR Spectroscopy with Adulterant Screen can augment the nutritional testing of milk powder.


Wandashan Relies on PerkinElmer to Ensure Safety of Infant Milk Powder


This case study explores the fruitful collaboration between Wandashan Dairy Company in northeast China and PerkinElmer that has immediately helped to enhance quality control for ingredient detection in infant formula.


Guarding Against the Next Melamine


Learn how PerkinElmer’s DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer allows you to screen for known and unknown economic adulterants in milk powder, as well as performing the same fast measurements routinely used for protein, moisture, and fat monitoring.


Milk Adulteration with Melamine — Screening, Testing and Real-Time Detection


The adulteration of protein-based food products with melamine is now a well-known issue. Five years ago, the increasing number of renal failures in dogs and cats alerted the authorities to a problem in the pet food supply chain. This white paper shows how screening, testing and real-time detection can be utilized to generate fast, regulatory-level results with minimal sample preparation for the detection of melamine in adulterated milk in the supply chain.


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Using Nontargeting Screening for Food Analysis

Nontargeted screening enables you to find known and unknown adulterants in your ingredients quickly without sample preparation. Nontargeted screening alerts you to any variation of these materials that could indicate your product has been adulterated and potentially require more testing. This provides rapid, easy to use and relatively inexpensive technology that gives you quick results. (2:58)

Combating Global Food Fraud

Food fraud is the deliberate modification of food for economic gain. The pressures put on food processors today is enormous as you are responsible for the final product and therefore all the ingredients that go into it. You need a mix of ingredient and detection expertise in order to combat food fraud. Hear about how new approaches to help detect and deter adulteration can easily be implemented into your process -- reducing your brand and bottom line. (3:22)

DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer

DairyGuard™ Milk Powder Analyzer applies advanced algorithms to screen for known and unknown economic adulterants in milk powder, as well as performs the same fast measurements routinely used for protein, moisture and fat monitoring today. Built on the industry-leading Frontier™ NIR platform, DairyGuard delivers fast, simple measurement that's ideal for detecting adulterants in food. This non-targeted screening decreases risk to your brand. (5:04)

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NonTargeted Screening For Food Fraud Webinar

Adulteration for economic gain has been on the rise in recent years. While real-time detection is great for testing known unknowns, how do you begin testing for those things that you don't know...the unknown unknowns? During this 15 minute webinar, Robert Packer, Food Solutions Development Leader at PerkinElmer shares the latest in nontargeted screening and why if you are not doing it today, you should be.

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Hygiena Expands Distribution Operations in Latin America

Hygiena, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company that specializes in rapid food safety and environmental sanitation testing, today announced that it has acquired Pruebas Microbiologicas Rapidas (PMR), a Mexico City-based distributor that has long served as an independent partner of Hygiena serving Mexico.


Neogen develops fastest Listeria test with no enrichment

Neogen Corporation has developed an innovative test that detects Listeria in environmental samples in under 60 minutes — without the need to enrich samples.


Eurofins Expands Testing Capabilities with Two Japan Acquisitions

Eurofins Scientific has acquired Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co. Ltd. (JACC), as well as Ecopro Research K.K. (Ecopro). JACC is one of the largest independent agroscience testing laboratories in Japan and Ecopro is a food testing laboratory in Japan.


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