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An Improved Counting Method
Developed to overcome the limitations of other counting methods, the SimPlate system with Binary Detection Technology™represents the latest technological advancement in counting methods. SimPlate’s combination of pre-measured media and patented plating device provide accurate, easy-to-read results days faster than agar plate or film methods.

Reduce Costs
Faster Results:  SimPlate results are available days faster than other methods. This allows you to release product sooner, address problem areas quickly, and lower operational costs.

Fewer Dilutions:  The SimPlate device has a maximum counting range of 738 while agar plate and film counting ranges are limited to 300 cfu or less. SimPlate’s larger counting range reduces the number of dilutions and reruns due to TNTC results, saving time, labor, and material costs.

Easy to Prepare:  SimPlate media comes pre-measured and ready-to-hydrate, eliminating the elaborate and costly steps of traditional plating procedures.

Simplify Procedures
Easy-to-Read Results:  With SimPlate’s Binary Detection Technology, positive and negative results are distinguishable at a glance. Simply count the number of positive wells and refer to the SimPlate Conversion Table to arrive at the number of organisms present in the sample. With SimPlate there is no confusion between a zero count and a TNTC as in other plate or film methods.

Less Interference:  Unlike plating or film methods, the SimPlate device confines the sample to the isolation wells, minimizing the effects of swarming bacteria and spreading molds that can mask accurate counts. Accuracy is also enhanced by minimizing interference from food particulates or profuse gas production.

Single Plate Results:  While other methods require duplicate plating of samples, SimPlate has been validated to provide equivalent results with just a single plate.

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